Natural Collagen Silver


Natural help for all skin ailments.

Product properties

Natural Collagen Silver is the most versatile of all collagen gels. The high purity class makes it a cosmetic with versatile use. It is recommended for daily care of the whole body as an intensively moisturizing, soothing and regenerating treatment.

Natural Collagen Silver also gives positive results in counteracting common problems of the body, such as: dilated blood vessels, cellulite, scars and stretch marks, as well as swelling and a tendency to the so-called “heavy legs”.

SILVER collagen gel has a beneficial effect especially on dry and sensitive skin, particularly exposed to the adverse effects of external factors, such as: drying detergents, hard water, washing powders, rough and synthetic clothes, excessive sun exposure, overheating, injuries.

The product, unique in its effectiveness and versatility of use, is also recommended after sunbathing, epilation and for regeneration of the body after all kinds of injuries or bites. It is perfect for the whole family as a solution to various needs and ailments.


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  • Calming any irritation and inflammation.
  • Accelerating healing processes.
  • Smoothing.
  • Eliminating the effects of bites, abrasions, bruises.
  • Elasticizing.

Instructions for Use

Use of the product

From age 3; for all skin types.

Instructions for use

Use morning and evening.
Apply a small amount of Collagen to clean and damp skin with massage movements from the bottom up towards the heart. In the case of whole body care, a while after the preparation has absorbed, you can additionally apply a lotion.


Already after the first application, the collagen gel significantly increases the epidermal barrier, thanks to which the skin retains moisture. With regular use, the skin’s ability to bind water is systematically enhanced, which contributes to the increase in hydration and regeneration.
Owing to the systematic use of Collagen, the skin becomes smooth, firm and more elastic, and all imperfections are significantly shallower and evened out, which makes them less visible.

Key Ingredients

Collagen – obtained from fish; it activates the formation of natural collagen in the skin, stimulating the cells responsible for its production (fibroblasts).

Elastin – a close protein of collagen, which is necessary to maintain perfect skin elasticity. Thanks to elastin, the skin is more resistant to the effects of unfavorable external factors, which makes it firmer and denser. Collagen and elastin create a support net in the dermis, which is responsible for the level of elasticity and firmness of this tissue.

Lactic acid – stimulates skin cells to produce valuable ceramides that keep water in the skin. On top of that, it smoothes callous epidermis, and thus brightens the skin, provides an even color and radiant appearance.

Caprylyl Glycol – an emollient with a moisturizing and delicately greasing effect, which supports the absorption of collagen into the skin, increasing its ability to bind water.


You can also use SILVER Natural Collagen as:

  • preparation soothing irritation after shaving or depilation;
  • a soothing compress for skin irritated as a result of sunburn or frostbite;
  • regenerating compress for contusions, bruises and swelling (it is important to apply the preparation immediately after the injury);
  • soothing “bandage” for abrasions;
  • body massage preparation with a draining and circulation stimulating effect.


Ingredients: Aqua, Collagen, Elastin, Lactic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol